Youth Trips

Texas Boys Outdoors spend countless hours on the water and in the woods with kids from all different backgrounds and situations. From our trips with kids who have lost a father, or do not have a dad around, to a youngster battling cancer, we enjoy a day on the water teaching them how to fish or a day in the woods teaching them gun safety and how to hunt.  We also send them home loaded with great gear to continue their outdoor adventures.

Military Hero Services

Working with US military veterans is a big part of Texas Boys Outdoors. We do numerous trips a year with wounded warriors and other veterans out hunting and fishing and at the gun range. Great relationships are developed and its great showing the guys all sorts of new adventures in the Texas outdoors. We also send the guys home with new products and gear they can use.

1st Responders

There are all sorts of heroes among us including Police, Firefighters and Healthcare Workers. We know how tough their jobs can be on a day to day basis, so we have enjoyed helping out in the community and getting these fine men and woman away from the grind and out for a day of fishing or hunting. We’ve learned that many did not grow up spending time in the outdoors and have really appreciated learning so much more about what Texas has to offer. Set them up with gear as well. 


Texas Boys Outdoors also works with other groups and types of people in the community as well. We sponsor several local high school bass fishing teams, donate to area fundraisers in support of local clubs and foundations. We also honor a child, man or woman who have done something simply outstanding in the community, and deserve a big fishing trip out on the bay!