Fishing Tournament

TX Boys Outdoors Summer Slam Fundraising Fishing Tournament

Rules shown below registration forms

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Rules & Regulations

  1. All Federal and State rules and regulations will apply. Violations will result in disqualification of the entire team.
  2. $80 per angler.
  3. Boat Teams may include 2-4 anglers.  Kayak Teams can be 1-2 anglers.  2 angler kayak teams and boat teams that wade must stay within approximately 100 yards of each other when fishing.  Clarify when registering if you are fishing in kayak division.
  4. You may launch anywhere you want in bounds at 5:30am the day of the tournament. You must stay within the stated boundaries during tournament hours. FIRST CAST is 6:15am. This may be adjusted as we get closer to tourney day.
  5. Guides are allowed as a team member
  6. Wade fishing and kayaks permitted within sight of other team member(s) (100 yards or less.
  7. Fishing hours will begin at 6:15.m. June 18 and contestants must be in weigh-in line by 3:30 p.m. Weigh-in will open at 1:30 p.mWeigh-in at Waterman's Restaurant 14302 Stewart Rd, Galveston, TX 77554
  8. Artificial or Live Bait! All fish must be caught on a rod and reel. Participants may only fish with one rod & reel at a time.
  9. No team is permitted to approach nearer than 50 yards to any other boat, wader or kayak unless permission has been granted.
  10. No fish may be accepted from or given to another team.
  11. BOAT DIVISION - Heaviest stringer will win (max of 2 trout per team, 1 slot redfish, and 1 bonus flounder. Only 1 trout may be over 25 inches. You cannot weigh-in more than 1 redfish or 2 trout. No penalty for not having a flounder, but any team may add 1 flounder if they are able. BONUS FOR LIVE FISH
  12. KAYAK DIVISION - Stringer will be 3 fish including redfish, trout or flounder with no more than 1 slot redfish.  Therefore, you can have any combination but only 1 redfish can be used.  Include "Kayak" in your team name when registering.
  13. Boundaries: Texas Water Only - Open boundary as long as you fish the state of Texas bays and beach only.
  14. All participants could be subject to polygraph testing that will be conducted on site.
  15. All fish weighed in must be within the regulations of TPWD. Any undersized or oversized fish that are turned in for weighing that are not within regulations will disqualify the team. All anglers must possess a valid TPWD fishing license with saltwater endorsement.
  16. In case of a tie, weigh in time will determine the winner.
  17. Live Fish weighed-in and released will receive a half (1/2) pound bonus added to the weight of each redfish or trout, not on flounder, so 3 live fish max bonus.
  18. All Weigh-master’s or tournament director rulings are FINAL
  19. Sponsors and organizers are not responsible for any accident or injury, nor loss, damage, or theft to any property.
  20. Top Notch Prizes and Cash to the top 5 teams along with Top 2 for Heaviest trout and Slot Redfish.
  21. Side Pot: (Optional) - $25 “Heaviest Slot Redfish” the heaviest slot redfish will win. Side Pot will pay cash for 1st and 2nd
  22. Trophies:1st – 5th place teams will receive a plaque/trophy and prizes.

    For length limits:


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