Carson, the warrior

We had an amazing time this weekend with our special guest Carson and his dad Chris on our mission to get Carson his first whitetail buck. Carson is in the middle of fighting cancer, and dealing with chemotherapy and radiation treatments so we were very blessed he had a break for a few days and felt strong enough to go. We all met up down in Catulla TX at my friends Marcus and Stephanie’s Crisp Ranch. It’s a beautiful nearly 4,000 acres cattle ranch that’s the true definition of South TX brush country only 45 min from old Mexico. Incredible place with plenty of native deer, hogs, turkeys and plenty other animals and birds. We got into camp Friday evening and had fajitas and a campfire going after getting Carson dialed in with the rifle. Saturday morning it was a perfect, cool, 41 degrees and we saw hogs, turkeys and a few deer, but not the big buck we were after. Smoked hamburgers for lunch and we were right back at it in the blind that afternoon. After a couple young deer came in early, it was nothing but turkeys and a big boar for the next 2 hours. We were starting to get the feeling it wasn’t gonna happen again, and even said a few quick prayers. With about 5 minutes of shooting light left, all of a sudden from the right we had a couple bucks come out of the brush. One of them was a beautiful S TX 8 pt that had Carson fired up! We got the camera on him and Marcus helped prepare Carson for his shot at his big buck. The buck luckily gave us a great broadside shot at about 110 yds and Carson got it done TX Boys Style with a direct hit behind the shoulder that dropped the deer dead in its tracks! Big buck down! Was an awesome experience and Carson was on cloud 9 the rest of the trip! He did a phenomenal job and made us all proud for sure. Getting the buck mounted and meat processed at Bellville Meat Market. Glad the Good Lord blessed us with a perfect hunt and thanks to Captain Marcus Canales, Stephanie and her father Mr Crisp as well for having us out. Please keep Carson and family in your prayers as he continues his fight. Looking forward to the next one!